Partner with us in person, by virtual channels, physical and/or professional services, where you  may lend us your time, skills, and/or expertise.  We always need individuals who can assist with research, organize fundraisers, coordinate press release efforts, grant writing, camp counselors, chaperones, and other miscellaneous needs.  Click here to visit our volunteer page for more information.



Our affiliate program encompasses select companies that provides products and services that compliment  the services that we offer.  There is a wide variety of products and services including: gifts and flowers, car rental, holistic products,travel packages, yoga accessories, books, tapes, etc.

It's very simple...when you need to send flowers or gifts to your loved ones online - visit our website.  Or if you need to rent a car during travels, purchase herbal products, holistic products...surprise yourself by browsing through our affiliate companies.


 Kaya Retreats is always offering opportunities and events for you to:

  • Promote our services:  Share our program with your family and friends by promoting participation and involvement.  Everyone needs to break away from the everyday humdrum of life and enjoy some relaxing time.  We are continually setting up healing retreats, women retreats, business retreats, and the girls camp, our Rites of Passage program.  Visit the website and learn more about our programs so that you can share it.
  • Raise funds for the organization to support our various activities: Raffles, bake sales, affiliates support, and participating in events.


Click the donate button to make an anonymous tax-deductible donation through this website.  It is fast, simple, and secure.  All levels of donations are welcome.  This may be a one-time gift, monthly donation, or you can sponsor one student for the girls’ summer camp program.  To mail a donation, make it payable to: Kaya Retreats, Inc., P.O. Box 771162, Coral Spring, FL  33077.





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