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Kaya Retreats, Inc facilitates and sponsors a group that embraces holistic living.  This group constitutes a variety of contributing gifts and talents to enhance this organization's activities and events.  This eclectic group of participants, also known as Retreat Lovers, consists of like-minded individuals who seek to build self and community through the promotion of holistic health living.  Some skill practices among group membership is incorporated into Kaya Retreats wellness program include:

wellness, spirituality, yoga, meditation, reiki energy healing, nutrition, raw foods, vegetarian living, connective healing, weight loss, camping, kayaking, hiking, law of attraction, alternative health, nature trailing, traveling, and many other holistic practices.


This group was conceived under the notion that there are many people who love retreats. There are also many who have skills that they would love to use in a retreat setting. Then there are those who have started retreat programs. The purpose of this group is to bring together people who are involved in retreat programs, to collaborate on our ideas to innovate change in the community. The group will focus on various types of retreats, and the members will support each other to improve their programs. This group is open to individuals who desire to incorporate their skills such as yoga, meditation, motivational speakers, drummers, dancing, chanting, holistic healing, rites of passage, business and other specialized skills into a retreat program setting. The idea is to help each other to move forward in fulfilling their life’s dreams, get the heartbeat of their businesses pumping healthily, and have fun at the same. Group members are encouraged to share skills by participating in the existing retreat programs through consultation services, and innovative collaborating to enhance programs.


Retreats Lovers Group

Turqoise Trail Association
Children's Services of Broward County
 Jade Power Quigong


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